Its performance

Its performance Its performance was the answer to speculative publications about wonderful children which authors on the first place put forward programs and instruments of trainin instead of a role of parents as friends and sensitive tutors.

Lewis emphasized that solving influence on intellectual development of the child renders the unique factor as far as mother is susceptible to signals which are submitted by the kid.

Please, rumple that to the good does the child the relation to it, instead of the things acquired for it.

Advantages of style of rapprochement Child Parents Interaction trusts okrumore become surer mutual keenness zhayushchy understand remutual return better feels it is sure a benka mutual formirovait can distinguish on scientific research institute grows better given by the child mutual trust good health, signals feeling of a constant good acts react intuitively communications it is more organized arrive in sootvetbig flexibility about learns to tell stviya with temperament of a shcheniye easier shows zdorothe child more active vzaimo vy independence cope action easier learns to support a problem distsiplidisclosure of the best close connection with okru in each other the zhayushchy become good learns to love and be observers darling learn advantages the child know, what council can be accepted, and what to reject But allow and how then to be with a mode I would like to use instead of the rigid word mode more perished I forge the concept of an established order or even something even more indistinct, transferred by the word harmony.


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  • Versions of answers are bracketed.If I was and the wizard.I never would leave with mother, the father, a sconce that, the sister, the grandfather, the grandmother.I would follow and on heels the invisible being for mother, the father, the brother, the sister, the grandfather, the grandmother.I would think out and dreams where always would be mother, the father, the brother, the sister, the grandfather, the grandmother.I would share the magic with mother, a pas sin the brother, the sister, the grandfather, the grandmother.
  • They very much praised Esin for that.that she well ate.If Ayla started to eat, Alev and Somer praised it that she behaves well.If Ayla refused food.they tried to distract the song or the fairy tale.Small If Lila started something to demand, they is quiet, but strictly spoke .If Lila suited one more hysterics, they iterated it.If Lila continued a hysterics, and parents saw that the situation is heated, they asked it to stop once in an amicable way and once strictly.If Lila calmed down and came back for a table, it strongly praised.
  • To take a foreign matter from a nose of the child, try to do the following If you see this subject, try to take out it with the help a pin with blunt ends.Before starting this procedure, you should arrive the same as at survey to swaddle the kid or to someone to hold his hands.If the foreign matter is more deeply, clamp a free nostril and ask the child at the closed mouth, there can be it and at a sneezing.If the subject is dissolved in water for example, a piece of candy, take away those the child to a shower and try to send a water stream.
  • But it is possible to weaken its manifestation.Change the wet or soiled diapers immediately.Children, finding on chest feedin usually have a chair right after feedin but they often strong sleep, and it is possible to replace diapers, without having woken them, especially at night.When the child ceases to defecate during night feedin you will not need to change any more diapers at night; start to use diapers at the same time for a pelenaniye for the night that the child remained dry.Change diapers more often.Researches showed that babies are more rare stragive from oprelost if to them change diapers at least times a day.Try diapers from a different material.
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