It is very

It is very It is desirable in structure of a breakfast and a dinner to include salads from fresh vegetables and fresh fruit.

The dinner, as a rule, should consist of the snack, the first and second dishes, and also drink or fruits.

It is very important, that the child as snack received a dish from fresh vegetables or vegetables with fruit.

Fresh vegetables render sokogonny effect, preparing a gastroenteric path for perception of other, more highcalorie dishes.

When using vegetables and fruit comprehensibility of protein and other food substances substantially improves.

Snack generally various salads are used at catering services of children both healthy, and recovering after infectious diseases, and also at the chronic diseases proceeding with considerable decrease in appetite because of an insufficient vshcheleniye J of juice.

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Where money

Where money, then the coupon does not lose the urgency and can be presented by medical institution for payment in regional office of Social insurance fund of the Russian Federation.

Where money from patrimonial certificates arrives Whether it is possible to encash them that to pay for childbirth Cash nobody will give out certificate cost to the woman.

In case of a successful conclusion of each stage pregnancy, childbirth, supervision over the kid in the first year of life money according to the certificate arrives in the relevant medical institution from the federal budget, they are listed by regional offices of Social insurance fund of the Russian Federation.

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Further we give

Further we give After the first two weeks you and your child will adapt to changes in a feeding order.

Storage and transportation of liquid gold Creating a stock of the most valuable foodstuff created by the nature, you do a contribution to future food and health of your child.

It is especially important, when you come back to work, seriously ached or in any other situations which can separate you and the child.

Further we give advice how to address with this valuable product.

The management for consumers of milk pumps The milk pump type a work Principle It is useful, when.

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To fill i with

To fill i withSALAD FROM FRESH Fresh r with a thin thin skin to wash up with q slaughter after washing to clear, to cut thin slices, to lay out on a plate, slightly to salt.

Before giving on a table to fill with the sour cream mixed with the pounded.

zheltok of welded r of eg m small i fennel.

Cucumbers sour cream yolks pieces, fennel g.

SALAD FROM TOMATOES Fresh tomatoes to wash, cut thin slices, having cut out ru.

Green or onions to clear, small , to connect to tomatoes, a few to salt.

To fill i with oil or sour cream.

Tomatoes onions About vegetable oil g or sour cream g.

ENTSIKLOPEAIYAFOOD OF THE CHILDSALAD FROM TOMATOES AND The washedup cleared tomatoes to cut segments, to add the cleared apples cut by a straws, to mix.

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You already

You already Many women test for the first time an orgasm during this period.

You can find in yourselves even a multiorgastichnost about which existence did not suspect earlier.

You already realized the fact of own pregnancy, so, ceased to think tensely as a rule, at the most inappropriate moment about undesirable conception.

For this reason your sexual experiences during proximity are so strong and pleasant! Preparation for childbirth Correct behavior at the time of delivery Why it is important to be able to relax The relaxation helps to reduce to a minimum of manifestation of a stressful condition headaches, sleeplessness, feeling of the general intensity, irritability, irascibility, etc The relaxation will help you to keep control of all reactions of your organism, to calm down and remove stress.

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ENTSIKLOPEAIYAFOODIn order that it is correct to feed the child, it is necessary accurately R to itself r changes in quickly growing children's organism.

ENTSIKLOPEAIYAFOOD OF THE CHILDAs by a year usually there is teeth from above and from below, children already can chew a little, though quickly are tired from such r occupations; it is necessary to encourage chewin giving the corresponding food.

Therefore after a year the food should not be wiped through a small sieve or to crush a mixer.

It is enough to pound vegetables a fork, meat or fish once to pass through a meat grinder.

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Vicki strengthened

Vicki strengthened The more it [ Oliver, the more it provoked .

In Vicki's one situation within half an hour constantly spoke to Oliver that it did not touch the socket, but it continued ! them.

This exhausting situation showed, as far as Oliver got used to receive attention from the mother in the form of irritation Than more Vicki was irritated, than less at it remained to time for fun, and the probability of was that Iyenyiye that Oliver could receive positive attention from its party.

Vicki strengthened Manifestation of bad behavior and was its reason.

Small angels whether.

I feel myself helplessly and whether I when I am with the child am nervous whether.

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