There was a new series

There was a new series r porridges are issued in the form of flakes, are convenient in preparation it is enough to mix only flakes with provided amount of milk or water and porridge is ready.

There was a new series of the soluble children's porridges intended for children from fourmonths age under the name Pantagryuel, developed by factory Sinerzhi Fud, Renault of N of Century USA.

Among porridges of this series especially it would be desirable to pay attention on buckwheat, rice and cream of wheat with chocolate.

Besides, all these and many other firms presented in our market, offer the wide range of a food for kids mashed potatoes on a vegetable, fruit, meat, fish basis, the juice, special croutons and cookies which it is possible to start to give to children in quality from month's age.

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RestrictionsWhen We wanted, that parents for themselves defined, that they want.

After that we offered them on a choice of strategy which they could use to achieve it.

So the moment now suitable you to think over that.

you would like to establish what restrictions concerning behavior of your child It is time to create some borders.

RestrictionsWhen we got acquainted with fouryear Nikola Ge # } , her behavior was absolutely uncontrollable.


shouted and fought to force the to continue to nurse .

Christina We establish restrictions started to think that to her child will help nothing.

But all business was that did not give to Nikola a clear idea of borders of the legal.

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And a profession

And a professionTo put it briefly, not only you bring up all the time of the child, but also the kid in reply brings up you.

You as though get used to each other and level sharp Bad habits of good children.


There is the process of mutual adaptation concealing in different surprises.

Therefore usually firstborns involuntarily victims of experiment, experiment aching parents.

And a profession parent mother with the father did not receive after the termination parental university.

They master it, without , raving in darkness, stumbling under way.

And, unfortunately, all cones from parental incompetence usually get to the first child and if it besides is still uniform stvenny, these cones sometimes pursue his all life.

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