Washed out; the onions

Washed out; the onions From onions it is possible to eliminate bitterness if to put for some minutes in cold water or the cut onions vinegar, and in some minutes liquid to merge.

That the onions at an obzharivaniye gained golden color, did not burn slightly, it it is necessary in wheat flour.

Washed out; the onions should be used at once in food as at storage the wet onions quickly spoil.

Garlic and onions to salads it is necessary to cut directly ahead of giving to a table as their bactericidal substances quickly disappear.

That quicker and easier to clear young potatoes, it at first should be lowered in boiled water, and then to douse cold water.

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The child

The child In one research at all children of colic took place till months.

What miracle happens between the rd and th months of life At this particular time at the child internal way of a dream is formed.

There are fascinating changes in its development.

The child starts everything to see accurate.

It so is fond of a show that forgets about shout.

He can play with the hands and suck fingers that too calms.

The child can swing hands and feet and thus to defuse tensions.

By months at children the stomach becomes stronger that, probably, relieves them of an allergy to milk.

By this time either there is a reason, or the equipment of an uspokaivaniye is improved.

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In the course

In the course Faltering breath breath by doggie.

a mouth, put out language, inhale and exhale it is noisy, as a doggie.

The rhythm of breath should be speeded up do on one breath exhalation in a second.

In the course of trainings try to breathe thus at first seconds, then , and later Faltering breath will be useful at the end of the I period of childbirth when the woman has a desire to make an effort, but to do it it is impossible until the head of the kid will not fall, and at the end of the II period when she already is born.

Belly breath breath by a stomach.

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However epiduralny

However epiduralny Action of a preparation lasts from two to six hours.

Sometimes, at prolonged childbirth let's to the woman have a rest, apply a medical obstetric anesthesia.

The twohour dream allows the woman to gain strength for continuationchildbirth.

In a different way labor pain reliefs epiduralny anesthesia is.

At it anesthetizing preparation through a thin needle enter into space about a spinal cord.

Sensitivity is lost completely.

However epiduralny anesthesia procedure unsafe also is capable to cause serious complications.

Local anesthesia is applied to anesthesia after the delivery in need of survey of patrimonial ways and mending of gaps or cuts.

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For the child

For the child Ability to distinguish the signs submitted by the child when he wants to eat, timely introduction in a diet of firm food, training to skills of independent food all these components of an important principle of a food of children creation of the healthy relation to food.

For the child feeding is connected not only with development of any abilities, it and a way of communication.

Feeding irrespective of, whether is a food source a breast, a small bottle or a spoon, always assumes presence of the feeding person.

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Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes Potatoes to boil and hot to wipe together with carrots through a sieve.

Mashed potatoes to salt, add butter, hot boiled milk, to stir and shake up, that it became magnificent.

ENTSIKLOPEAIYA OF A FOOD OF THE CHILDPotatoes carrots milk ml, butter g.

MASHED POTATOES CARROTThe washedup and cleared carrots to chop, fill in with a small amount of boiled water, to add sugar and to extinguish under a cover on weak fire of minutes, stirring slowly and if necessary adding boiled water.

d carrots become soft, to wipe it through a sieve, to pour in hot milk, to salt and boil more minutes.

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If this cage

If this cage Another receives a superfluous chromosome and continues to live.

If this cage in % of cases it is an ovum meets a spermatozoon or an ovum, the ovum formed as a result of fertilisation contains chromosomes.

In case of a Down syndrome the superfluous chromosome carries number In genetics it call a trisomiya as the cage contains three chromosomes with number There are also other trisomiya which usually come to an end an abortion or death in infancy.

Why the superfluous chromosome causes a Down syndrome, it is not known.

This unequal division of a cage is called as a nedorasshchepleniye.

It occurs casually, and in % of cases to them chromosomal violations speak at a Down syndrome.

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