Children with

Children with Many experts in baby food argue that frequent feedings more are suitable for such business child gradually.

Thus, children from to years quite deserved the nickname vorobyshka.

By the end of the st year at kids psychomotor skills are improved, they well grasp and hold subjects big and index fingers; they use this new skill and when feeding.

Children with pleasure take small slices of food from a plate and send them in a mouth.

There is no mood there is no also an appetite Disorder feeding as is characteristic for normally razvivayushche the child of years, as well as sharp change of mood.

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Young mother

Young motherYoung mother after the completion of holiday on the care of the kid before achievement of age of one and a half years by it has the right to take socalled additional vacation withoutsalary preservations on the care of the child before achievement of year age by it.

What is necessary for registration of a monthly birth grantThe monthly birth grant stands out in social security department if level of the income is lower than a living wage.

For registration of this grant are necessary birth certificate of the child; statement.

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Cottage cheese

Cottage cheesePUDDING COTTAGE CHEESE WITH To the cottage cheese wiped through a sieve to add the wiped viscous boiled rice, sugar, butter, an egg yolk, to salt, mix, enter whipped whites and again carefully to mix.

Weight m in the form greased with butter from above to grease with sour cream and to bake in an oven about minutes.

A tax on a table with sour cream.

Cottage cheese rice eggs pieces, sugar it is swept away butter.


SOUFFLE THE COTTAGE CHEESE STEAMThe wiped cottage cheese to pound with a yolk and dairy sauce, carefully to enter whipped whites.

Weight to shift in oiled i a form and to finish to readiness on pair.

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The kid played

The kid played But unless the International Federation of Journalists but to resist temptation which you involuntarily created to it, having bought candies, having forgotten thus, what even bitter the fruit forbidden is sweet, and sweet is even more sweet a hundred times.

And in it is possible to turn it is impossible not too difficult.

The kid played you that itself left the house.

There is no reason to be angry with it.

Usual children's roses which will prompt to you that so the child wanted while the independence and a maturity is inper vy, secondly, that it is clever so that can already play you, having earthed divine omnipotence ditel.

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Yes, in four

Yes, in fourIn four years.

Yes, in four years our kid to is allpowerful that pink color eclipses the others.

To Reba the nok moves on life on a white daring horse.

And suddenly, suddenly, suddenly.

any metamorphosis.

The kid suddenly interrupts run and looks around without them pink glasses.


as if begins to see clearly.

He sees world around growth.

and in this dullness of.

And, as if made sober, it shaken by the own is not made by a stvo, runs unexpectedly into other extreme from shchy having become earthed and doubting even in trifles.

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Her son, Tannar, started

Her son, Tannar, started After work on Manley's new affirmative tone went on family picnic to practise authoritativeness.

Her son, Tannar, started to rush pine cones to it, and she could quietly and tell strictly to it that it stopped before the situation was heated by It it became much easier to supervise children after the basic rules of picnic were established, and it began to give accurate and strict instructions.

Establish consequencesIf you asked your child to make something twice, and it all the same does not do it, it is necessary for you to establish consequences of such behavior which would show it that you are dissatisfied with absence of interaction from its party.

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Or annoyance

Or annoyance However at % of young mothers limbers up but Overall picture and slerodovy depression If you observe some or all symptoms listed below, it is necessary for you to address for the professional help Feeling that you cannot will consult.

or annoyance most part of time or all the time.

Sense of guilt.

Feeling of grief.

Often cry.

Feeling of nervousness and concern.

the health and health of your child; frequent checks of its condition at the doctor.

Panic attacks.

Feeling of fatigue and lack of energy.

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