They fit at each

They fit at eachThe strong pulsation of big arteries in this place testifies that with the court leaving heart, rather large.

Now we pass to legs which are normally bent, and to which are turned inside, however if a forward half of a foot is turned inside much more back the socalled clubfoot, can, even in the lives of the kid first some weeks imposing of a plaster bandage for correction of this shortcoming is required.

Fingers are especially amusing.

They fit at each other, with pereponochka, hereditary features are guessed.

Reflexes can be also checked, however during survey the doctor already received general idea about neurologic development of the child.

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Remember Besides, the safety problem is connected with walkers also.

At children about one year most of all accidents arises at their use.

Kids in walkers are capable to gather sufficient speed to fall to a ladder, to fly, for example, to the storeroom where there are various dangerous chemical cleaning substances.

Remember that never it is impossible to leave the child in walkers without supervision.

If your friends presented such gift to the kid, try, that this adaptation took a place among the colleagues an arena and a cradle somewhere behind a case somewhat quicker, let they there and wait the next sale.

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Those problems

Those problems If you attentively read the book, it should undergo changes any points should disappear, any to be transformed, any, certainly, remained.

Those problems which continue to give you the trouble, still any time will remain in the list until you do not solve also them.

But the main thing that you due were to take from everything written, it is necessary for you to find a common language with the child, to try to make everythin to understand it, his aspiration to freedom, independence, independence.

Learn to listen and hear the child, without restraining thus the interests.

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Such wonderful

Such wonderful Mnozhestin tragedies arises, when at phone call the tutor disregards the child only for a minute.

Such wonderful invention as wireless phone, will allow you to talk and at the same time to watch the child.

CHECK, WHETHER THERE IS NO DANGER TO THE CHILD Fall on and, moving thus from a room in a room, look at things eyes of the kid to define, what subjects are in limits of his reach.

If in a family there are children is more senior, let they accompany you is will teach them to watch safety of younger brothers and sisters.

The security measures connected with drugs Whether you hold the firstaid kit of the locked Whether the vial with medicine which you use is well closed and hold near at hand Whether you keep drugs in a place inaccessible to the child Whether there is at your place an emetic Whether you get rid of drugs with the delayed date of the validity Whether scissors, shaving edges, pins and to that similar subjects are inaccessible to the child of medicine Security measures in a bathroom Whether you put on a bath bottom a rug not to slip Whether are available in cranes of bathing laying Whether there is a lining at a rug on the bathroom floor, interfering sliding Whether electric adaptations are removed from water Whether toilet accessories and cosmetics especially nail polish and liquid for varnish removal are inaccessible to the child Whether you closed hold a door in a bathroom That the child could not be locked in a bathroom, remove the internal door lock or rearrange it higher that the kid could not reach.

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More often

More often And if your child so represents itself, it is simple an admiring itself or one of signs, suite of telstvuyushchiya as it is seriously anxious with the appearance.

In quite often this way the artist brightens up own physical defect.

And if so the person is drawn by the girl, Bad habits of good children.

more often it simply imitates the mother who because of a coquetry constantly on her eyes tints lips, a nose, smoothes hair.

Besides the head, big information to you can give and the drawn hands.

When their length rushes at once in for, most likely, they belong to that from relatives is new families of the child which aggressively concerns him.

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In our family

In our family Well to be overcome with the father in the evenin it gives the energy sea, but only not before the dream.

A heat bath, uspokavayushchy massage, quiet viewing of pictures in the book here the means checked by time preparing the kid for a dream.

In our family the method best of all works carry, will not fall asleep yet.

Before we will put, at half past eight the child should be stacked, and he does not want it.

Put it in the scrappy holder and wear on the house or on a yard in warm weather, singing any slow melody.

Add position influence a nest under a neck, and, you see, the child is simply obliged to fall asleep see a method to carry, to lull on page and a nest under a neck on page LATE BIRD Our yearold child does not want to be put to bed till o'clock veche .

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It was necessary

It was necessary Thus, the vicious circle was not broken off.

That it was necessary to make to these familiesEach of these families could change problem behavior, giving to the children more positive attention.

It was necessary for Sara and Brian to treat more quietly Matthew, to establish accurate consequences in the relation Positive look and behavior which did not suit them and to praise it for all acts which they would like to see a chat.

It was necessary for Vicki to cease to pay attention to the behavior which by eft it was not pleasant, and not to be irritated about it, to cease to give in so easily on provocation.

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