In it as if excluding

In it as if excluding Liu fight the kid has the motive, the special, fine melody from which it rises and fills up.

In any child own hand bells in soul.

Turn again book pages look, what can be the child.

In it as if excluding properties mixed up together each other aggression side by side with kindness, sociability and an autichnost, a hyperactivity and a sluggishness, compliance with obstinacy.

That he even a small small insect, is not afraid absolutely that.

That he is any intellectual glutton, I do not wish shchiya even to dream the idler.

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Using the diapers

Using the diapers If you compare cost of the bought diapers to expenses on washin will consider time, energy, eksperimentirovaniye cost with detergents, bleaches, softeners etc.

, it will appear that the service of hire of justifies.

Using the diapers hired, is very practical.

The reason on which many parents choose disposable diapers, usually is in ignorance that the service of hire is so convenient.

From dirty diapers delete firm slices shake them in a toilet bowl, then diapers do not presoak, and simply throw into a special bucket with a cover, supplied with very effective deodorant, and the service of hire does the rest.

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As researcher

As researcherSam, father of the ten years' boy Some types of behavior we can not consider aggressive, as, for example, the solution of problems of programming.

Aggression can indirectly be shown through such means, as the computer, different types designers, the car or a skateboard.

As researcher Camilla Benbau notices Let's look, as male human beings address with things from rattles to space.

I do not know, where I go, but I go the road! Stimi sitting in the car, rushing from the mountain without management If we imagine biological force of testosterone in the form of an arrow, and then we will observe behavior of men, we will see that in the basis very much their many acts the impulse directly and forward lies.

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Such stocky, square

Such stocky, square Growth and weight of thickset children mezomorfny correspond to averages while to zatel on charts of development of the child.

Such stocky, square children are more inclined to completeness, than the rectangular ektomorfny.

And, at last, endomorfny type of addition such children low and shirocues.

They more all the others are inclined to excess weight fatness.

Grushepodobnoye addition helps them to cope with excess weight easier.

Very often the same child can have signs at once bore kolky types of a constitution.

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Language becomes

Language becomes Playing with the kid verbal games, you pay attention that sometimes he becomes silent as if reflects.

Language becomes more increasing conscious skill the child begins du mother that you speak and as it to answer.

Games with new words and gestures Such games very much are pleasant to kids, and to you they will help to learn as many words and gestures your child understands now.

To wave with the handle.

If at the previous stage of development the child could simulate only your gesture when you waved a hand to somebody followin now he acts as the initiator, connecting words gestures goodbye with leaving someone or with approach to a door.

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On an empty

On an empty To tea instead of candies take some berries of a fig or dried apricots.

this fruit is stronger, than prunes.

For the night drink V, a glass of svezheotzhaty beet juice.

Except ease you receive vitamins and a full set of necessary mineral substances and microcells.

On an empty stomach it is useful to drink a glass of fresh juice from orange, grapes, apples or grapefruit.

to intestines oporozhneniye sourmilk bioproducts, especially bificurdled milk, and also live bioyoghurts and usual kefir.

These products will put things in order in system of office of bile, will increase efficiency of absorption and assimilation of useful elements of food, will warn dysbacteriosis.

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Absence of the stron

Absence of the stronAs Robert Bligh considers, men feel hungry today paternity.

Absence of the stron hardy, reliable father prepares a scene for myth repetition about Oedipus.

But after all it is possible to hope that roles of the father and the son will be copied.

New fathers in commonwealth with women and other men start to create the new play.

Fathers and sons reconciliation the male client about whom there was a speech above and which dream assumes a classical Oedipus complex, told this dream to many friends, teachers and psychotherapists because the dream pursued it for many years.

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