Robert Bligh. Iron

Robert Bligh. IronWhat is necessary for the boy from the father and what he should receive from mother What unique essence of the father Also that does the woman by mother Mothers I grew up a monster! The task of mother, first of all, to teach the boy to behave.

Robert Bligh.

Iron John George Dzhilder, the economist and the author of articles on various subjects, including problems of men in a family, wrote that one of functions of women, the major for a survival and cultural development, is okulturivaniye upclassing of men.

I should admit that there were times when I, communicating with the son and the husband, felt as if in a cage with wild animals and thought of that, as though to me them to tame.

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Do not say to the child

Do not say to the childDo not say to the child that will occur if it does not make that has to.

When the consequence will come, do not gloat over at all.

Let's give for an example often meeting situation the child scatters toys in the room and does not bring together them, despite your remarks.

You ask yourselves a question what the terrible can happen, if you do not interfere On a nursery it will be difficult to go but it is a room of the child, and it there will go.

When the father will return in the evening home, it will not like a disorder in the apartment but a disorder not in the apartment, but only in the nursery.

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  • Versions of answers are bracketed.If I was and the wizard.I never would leave with mother, the father, a sconce that, the sister, the grandfather, the grandmother.I would follow and on heels the invisible being for mother, the father, the brother, the sister, the grandfather, the grandmother.I would think out and dreams where always would be mother, the father, the brother, the sister, the grandfather, the grandmother.I would share the magic with mother, a pas sin the brother, the sister, the grandfather, the grandmother.
  • They very much praised Esin for that.that she well ate.If Ayla started to eat, Alev and Somer praised it that she behaves well.If Ayla refused food.they tried to distract the song or the fairy tale.Small If Lila started something to demand, they is quiet, but strictly spoke .If Lila suited one more hysterics, they iterated it.If Lila continued a hysterics, and parents saw that the situation is heated, they asked it to stop once in an amicable way and once strictly.If Lila calmed down and came back for a table, it strongly praised.
  • To take a foreign matter from a nose of the child, try to do the following If you see this subject, try to take out it with the help a pin with blunt ends.Before starting this procedure, you should arrive the same as at survey to swaddle the kid or to someone to hold his hands.If the foreign matter is more deeply, clamp a free nostril and ask the child at the closed mouth, there can be it and at a sneezing.If the subject is dissolved in water for example, a piece of candy, take away those the child to a shower and try to send a water stream.
  • But it is possible to weaken its manifestation.Change the wet or soiled diapers immediately.Children, finding on chest feedin usually have a chair right after feedin but they often strong sleep, and it is possible to replace diapers, without having woken them, especially at night.When the child ceases to defecate during night feedin you will not need to change any more diapers at night; start to use diapers at the same time for a pelenaniye for the night that the child remained dry.Change diapers more often.Researches showed that babies are more rare stragive from oprelost if to them change diapers at least times a day.Try diapers from a different material.
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