Their movements

Their movements It is difficult to them to concentrate attention, without distracting on various trifles.

Any activity to the melancholiac work, work of which he instantly is tired.

Such kid, even playin tires .

Usually children melancholiacs easily acquire age ny skills, but their skills are unstable, dependent from about stoyatelstvo.

Their movements are not sure, poor and often fussy.

Speech silent, but intonatsionno the expressive.

Such child very long and quite detailed Gotha to curl to a dream, but fills up quickly, waking up vigorous and the sely.

It is improbably difficult to all melancholiacs to adapt for children's collectives.

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The problem

The problem During considering there can be a bright emotion, for example the offense, being accompanied rough tears.

Cry, speak about a problem aloud, but do not stop to hold a hand on a forehead and on a nape.

There is an opinion that with tears stressful hormones are deduced from an organism, and suppression of crying can lead to undesirable accumulation them in an organism.

In minutes you will surely lighten.

The problem can remain, but will cease as strongly to excite you and to make an adverse impact on your health.

the pool certainly, in which pure water.

in a sauna at least once a month, and it is better every week.

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Main nervous

Main nervousBy three years the differentiation of nervous cages is usually reached.

Till five years very intensively develop crinkles and brain furrows.

In spite of the fact that the brain of the preschool child reminds us a brain of the adult, BarkansTo Bad habits of good children.

main nervous processes at it proceed in a different waythere is steadiness no them, excitement prevails, Torahs the mozheniye is usually reached hardly.

These can explain to us a spontaneity and sincerity , as well as a choleric unbalance of children.

In this regard preschool children have a big otvlekayemost of attention, it is usually very difficult to them to concentrate on the solution of any task.

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