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I would follow

Versions of answers are bracketed.If I was and the wizard.I never would leave with mother, the father, a sconce that, the sister, the grandfather, the grandmother.I would follow and on heels the invisible being for mother, the father, the brother, the sister, the grandfather, the grandmother.I would think out and dreams where always would be mother, the father, the brother, the sister, the grandfather, the grandmother.I would share the magic with mother, a pas sin the brother, the sister, the grandfather, the grandmother.

Small If Lila

They very much praised Esin for that.that she well ate.If Ayla started to eat, Alev and Somer praised it that she behaves well.If Ayla refused food.they tried to distract the song or the fairy tale.Small If Lila started something to demand, they is quiet, but strictly spoke .If Lila suited one more hysterics, they iterated it.If Lila continued a hysterics, and parents saw that the situation is heated, they asked it to stop once in an amicable way and once strictly.If Lila calmed down and came back for a table, it strongly praised.

Before starting

To take a foreign matter from a nose of the child, try to do the following If you see this subject, try to take out it with the help a pin with blunt ends.Before starting this procedure, you should arrive the same as at survey to swaddle the kid or to someone to hold his hands.If the foreign matter is more deeply, clamp a free nostril and ask the child at the closed mouth, there can be it and at a sneezing.If the subject is dissolved in water for example, a piece of candy, take away those the child to a shower and try to send a water stream.

When the child

But it is possible to weaken its manifestation.Change the wet or soiled diapers immediately.Children, finding on chest feedin usually have a chair right after feedin but they often strong sleep, and it is possible to replace diapers, without having woken them, especially at night.When the child ceases to defecate during night feedin you will not need to change any more diapers at night; start to use diapers at the same time for a pelenaniye for the night that the child remained dry.Change diapers more often.Researches showed that babies are more rare stragive from oprelost if to them change diapers at least times a day.Try diapers from a different material.

At this age the opinion

As it to reach, he for the present does not know, to it to deal with all that on it pulled hard.But he never admits the powerlessness, in the doubts neither, nor parents.Protesting against parental guardianship, he nevertheless is afraid of the freedom.At this age the opinion of parents, as at preschool age, and not teachers, as in elementary grades is above all appreciated any more.On the first place there is a group of agemates, their opinion above all.The friendship for teenagers takes on special significance.But during this moment parents can tell to the child old, but the actual phrase If your friends decided to jump from the bridge, it is not obligatory to you to do the same.

The table

They also were shocked, when to them told that Ella should be beds to the th evenin and Herbie by or to They it is simple those did not realize, what number of hours of a dream is necessary for children at this age.Small angelsWhat is normalThe sleep deficit can cause other problems in your child in his behavior.The table in which the quantity of Spa which is required to your child at various age is specified below is presented.Certainly, all fly are individual, and distinctions but if you find out are possible that your child sleeps much less, than it is recommended, it is necessary to take measures.

Simply it entered

Do not think of the child as about the ungrateful pighead.Simply it entered the next period of the development.Developing mental capacities of the little man pass through certain stages when it has already developed concepts about an order of alternation of things.Oil should be from above, and in a different way cannot be.Smile and make, as he wants.These whims only florets.Whether still will be, when you will go to shop to buy to it clothes.Mask vegetables.Every day I hear The doctor, it does not want to eat ovoRussian cabbage soup.Anything surprising the child at this age, as a rule, does not love vegetables.

It is very

It is desirable in structure of a breakfast and a dinner to include salads from fresh vegetables and fresh fruit.The dinner, as a rule, should consist of the snack, the first and second dishes, and also drink or fruits.It is very important, that the child as snack received a dish from fresh vegetables or vegetables with fruit.Fresh vegetables render sokogonny effect, preparing a gastroenteric path for perception of other, more highcalorie dishes.When using vegetables and fruit comprehensibility of protein and other food substances substantially improves.Snack generally various salads are used at catering services of children both healthy, and recovering after infectious diseases, and also at the chronic diseases proceeding with considerable decrease in appetite because of an insufficient vshcheleniye J of juice.

Where money

, then the coupon does not lose the urgency and can be presented by medical institution for payment in regional office of Social insurance fund of the Russian Federation.Where money from patrimonial certificates arrives Whether it is possible to encash them that to pay for childbirth Cash nobody will give out certificate cost to the woman.In case of a successful conclusion of each stage pregnancy, childbirth, supervision over the kid in the first year of life money according to the certificate arrives in the relevant medical institution from the federal budget, they are listed by regional offices of Social insurance fund of the Russian Federation.

Further we give

After the first two weeks you and your child will adapt to changes in a feeding order.Storage and transportation of liquid gold Creating a stock of the most valuable foodstuff created by the nature, you do a contribution to future food and health of your child.It is especially important, when you come back to work, seriously ached or in any other situations which can separate you and the child.Further we give advice how to address with this valuable product.The management for consumers of milk pumps The milk pump type a work Principle It is useful, when.

To fill i with

SALAD FROM FRESH Fresh r with a thin thin skin to wash up with q slaughter after washing to clear, to cut thin slices, to lay out on a plate, slightly to salt.Before giving on a table to fill with the sour cream mixed with the pounded.zheltok of welded r of eg m small i fennel.Cucumbers sour cream yolks pieces, fennel g.SALAD FROM TOMATOES Fresh tomatoes to wash, cut thin slices, having cut out ru.Green or onions to clear, small , to connect to tomatoes, a few to salt.To fill i with oil or sour cream.Tomatoes onions About vegetable oil g or sour cream g.ENTSIKLOPEAIYAFOOD OF THE CHILDSALAD FROM TOMATOES AND The washedup cleared tomatoes to cut segments, to add the cleared apples cut by a straws, to mix.

You already

Many women test for the first time an orgasm during this period.You can find in yourselves even a multiorgastichnost about which existence did not suspect earlier.You already realized the fact of own pregnancy, so, ceased to think tensely as a rule, at the most inappropriate moment about undesirable conception.For this reason your sexual experiences during proximity are so strong and pleasant! Preparation for childbirth Correct behavior at the time of delivery Why it is important to be able to relax The relaxation helps to reduce to a minimum of manifestation of a stressful condition headaches, sleeplessness, feeling of the general intensity, irritability, irascibility, etc The relaxation will help you to keep control of all reactions of your organism, to calm down and remove stress.


In order that it is correct to feed the child, it is necessary accurately R to itself r changes in quickly growing children's organism.ENTSIKLOPEAIYAFOOD OF THE CHILDAs by a year usually there is teeth from above and from below, children already can chew a little, though quickly are tired from such r occupations; it is necessary to encourage chewin giving the corresponding food.Therefore after a year the food should not be wiped through a small sieve or to crush a mixer.It is enough to pound vegetables a fork, meat or fish once to pass through a meat grinder.

Vicki strengthened

The more it [ Oliver, the more it provoked .In Vicki's one situation within half an hour constantly spoke to Oliver that it did not touch the socket, but it continued ! them.This exhausting situation showed, as far as Oliver got used to receive attention from the mother in the form of irritation Than more Vicki was irritated, than less at it remained to time for fun, and the probability of was that Iyenyiye that Oliver could receive positive attention from its party.Vicki strengthened Manifestation of bad behavior and was its reason.Small angels whether.I feel myself helplessly and whether I when I am with the child am nervous whether.

It is transferred

Inoculations before a trip abroad Inoculations which are recommended to do before foreign travel more often from cholera, yellow fever, typhus, and also Aglobulin introduction from hepatitis and means for malaria prevention is possible.As this list often changes, for obtaining more exact information you should address in a local public health department.Vaccine against hepatitis B Hepatitis B is the virus infection causing violations in a liver.It is transferred generally through the infected blood or at sexual contact and not transferred through air or I peep.In the absence of the corresponding immunization children born by mothersnositelnitsami of this virus, are subject to risk of development of a chronic form of a disease in % of cases and premature death from a cancer or cirrhosis in %.

At threat

They also will help to prevent emergence of striya.their emergence is possible by means of the massage improving blood circulation of skin.The technique of this massage is not difficult it is necessary to stroke a stomach roundabouts, to pinch from time to time skin on the stomach periphery.At threat of interruption of pregnancy it is not necessary to carry out such massage, as it can provoke increase of a tone of a uterus.What to do, if on a stomach there was an easy downOn signs, it appears, when the woman waits for the boy.

Step by step

It is not necessary to be given quickly if your kid does not want to take a spoon in hands or to put on panties.Step by step he will learn all volume that and you once were not able to do.Safety first of all The cat who once has sat down on a hot oven, already never will sit down on a hot oven and will well make, but already never will sit down and on the cold.M.Twain If so it turned out that you are compelled to leave the child of the house of one or the child one walks on the street, it is important to teach him to rules which will not allow it to get to trouble.To many children for certain dinned into the ears that anywhere it is impossible to leave without permission moreover with strangers.

We should light

Besides it in the crisis heat a trekhletok.And day and night goes on I! I! And it means that.Bad habits of good children.that he realizes itselfhimself already as the personality.Yesterday's and suddenly.realizes.And you become will reduce Lem of how the anonymous star will inflame until recently.Yes, yes, we are all terrestrial stars.We should light up to burn down.But before burning down, all of us sparkle, sparkle all the conscious life.Poeto in three years your child a scintillating Bengalese spark.So mean these sparks What the new your kid is able To that can he already learn What it in from three to four Same, as before, or concealing in itself grandiose possibilities, a cat the ry hides as secrets and quite wise small lukavets guarded day and night hidesSo, what it actually What can, what is able, at lastFirst of all it aged when already possibly you to predict its character with all virtues and is time to Kama when he learns to estimate the acts from a position of the good and evil and to compare itselfhimself to others when it well acquired as it is necessary to behave correctly, and at the same time it does not prevent it to use cunning and even to be doublefaced.

The doctor

To protect the child from dry air in plane salon, put a damp handkerchief near his nose is though somehow will humidify respiratory ways of the kid.In an office of the doctor Having glanced by means of the special tool in an ear of the child, the doctor obnapulls down the reddened convex eardrum which condition explains why nobody slept last night.The doctor will register antibiotics at least for days, their look and a dosage will depend on weight of a course of a disease and to consider reaction of the child to these preparations.Then very important reminder will follow Come to repeated survey in days.


The harmful substances containing in marihuana, are present at chest milk of women using it, and it is revealed that marihuana lowers level in an organism of mother.Researches on animals showed existence structural change in cells of a brain of de animals after to their mothers fed marihuana.This circumstance, and also that marihuana can weaken attachment of mother to the child, allows to draw a conclusion that during chest feeding it is necessary to avoid the marihuana use.Cocaine more dangerous and strong drug passes to milk feeding Russian cabbage soup of mother and raises nervous system of the child, doing it irritable, sleepy, there are symptoms of gripes.

Return will

John, father who was present at childbirth The father should persistently try to support close connection with mother of the child and to join mother in her attachment to the newborn son.The father who is actively communicating with the son in the first years of his life, does a huge contribution to the future.Return will be increased greatly when will pass years and a barricade it will be necessary to destroy.Support during the birth of the child, long nights at his cradle, the first joint steps on a floor, continuous diligence financially to provide a family all this is necessary, but again.

R changeable

r changeable perspiration, thirst, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, etc.r a stage of obesity it is the easiest to treatment by a food providing % recovery.Table Approximate norms of increase of weight of a body and growth of the child of the first year lives IncreaseAge, month of weight of a body, r of growth, cm for all lived for all period lived in a month in a month the periodl , , , , , , , , , Table Average values of weight of a body and growth of healthy children are more senior than year Age, years Mass of a body, kg Growth, cmboys of the girl boys of the girl Q, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ENTSIK LOPEAIYA FOOD CHILD Tab.

Their movements

It is difficult to them to concentrate attention, without distracting on various trifles.Any activity to the melancholiac work, work of which he instantly is tired.Such kid, even playin tires .Usually children melancholiacs easily acquire age ny skills, but their skills are unstable, dependent from about stoyatelstvo.Their movements are not sure, poor and often fussy.Speech silent, but intonatsionno the expressive.Such child very long and quite detailed Gotha to curl to a dream, but fills up quickly, waking up vigorous and the sely.It is improbably difficult to all melancholiacs to adapt for children's collectives.

The problem

During considering there can be a bright emotion, for example the offense, being accompanied rough tears.Cry, speak about a problem aloud, but do not stop to hold a hand on a forehead and on a nape.There is an opinion that with tears stressful hormones are deduced from an organism, and suppression of crying can lead to undesirable accumulation them in an organism.In minutes you will surely lighten.The problem can remain, but will cease as strongly to excite you and to make an adverse impact on your health.the pool certainly, in which pure water.in a sauna at least once a month, and it is better every week.

Main nervous

By three years the differentiation of nervous cages is usually reached.Till five years very intensively develop crinkles and brain furrows.In spite of the fact that the brain of the preschool child reminds us a brain of the adult, BarkansTo Bad habits of good children.main nervous processes at it proceed in a different waythere is steadiness no them, excitement prevails, Torahs the mozheniye is usually reached hardly.These can explain to us a spontaneity and sincerity , as well as a choleric unbalance of children.In this regard preschool children have a big otvlekayemost of attention, it is usually very difficult to them to concentrate on the solution of any task.

Robert Bligh. Iron

Do not say to the child

Do not say to the child that will occur if it does not make that has to.When the consequence will come, do not gloat over at all.Let's give for an example often meeting situation the child scatters toys in the room and does not bring together them, despite your remarks.You ask yourselves a question what the terrible can happen, if you do not interfere On a nursery it will be difficult to go but it is a room of the child, and it there will go.When the father will return in the evening home, it will not like a disorder in the apartment but a disorder not in the apartment, but only in the nursery.

Its performance

Its performance was the answer to speculative publications about wonderful children which authors on the first place put forward programs and instruments of trainin instead of a role of parents as friends and sensitive tutors.Lewis emphasized that solving influence on intellectual development of the child renders the unique factor as far as mother is susceptible to signals which are submitted by the kid.Please, rumple that to the good does the child the relation to it, instead of the things acquired for it.Advantages of style of rapprochement Child Parents Interaction trusts okrumore become surer mutual keenness zhayushchy understand remutual return better feels it is sure a benka mutual formirovait can distinguish on scientific research institute grows better given by the child mutual trust good health, signals feeling of a constant good acts react intuitively communications it is more organized arrive in sootvetbig flexibility about learns to tell stviya with temperament of a shcheniye easier shows zdorothe child more active vzaimo vy independence cope action easier learns to support a problem distsiplidisclosure of the best close connection with okru in each other the zhayushchy become good learns to love and be observers darling learn advantages the child know, what council can be accepted, and what to reject But allow and how then to be with a mode I would like to use instead of the rigid word mode more perished I forge the concept of an established order or even something even more indistinct, transferred by the word harmony.

In modern

In modern dental clinics there are anesthetics, safe for future mothers.In what cases it is necessary to address immediately to the doctorUrgently address to the doctor, if you have a diarrhea frequent, more than two times day, a chair, watery, with blood; appeared easy or plentiful krovyanisty allocation from a vagina, especially if they are accompanied by bellyaches or a back; body temperature rose over °C; the strong headache which is not passing within hours torments; appeared krovyanisty allocation from mammary glands, a rectum, a bladder; sudden water flow from a vagina went; there are otkharkivany phlegms to blood; there were unexpected nagging pains, and urine thus is absent; hypostasis of hands, persons, is accompanied a century by a headache or sight violation; during an urination you feel pain or burning and it is accompanied by a fever, temperature, a back pain; the indisposition and exhausting vomiting is more often than times a day, accompanied a headache and in temperature; you have an indistinct vision; there were hypostases with spots on anklebones, , hands or on a face; on calves of feet there were painful big red spots.


The child is more senior, the it is more difficult to hold him; it is rather simple to cope with the newborn and to one person.Put the child on a soft surface a sofa, a bed, a carpet and sit down nearby.Having bent down to it, one hand hold medicine, another delay a lower eyelid and dig medicine or squeeze out ointment directly from that packing in which you received them.INJURY OF THE NOSE While the kid grows, will be both fallin and the flattenedout noses.Fortunately, more often for the child and his nose it passes without any serious consequences.

You laugh

Soon the kid realizes that it is capable to cause reaction what wants in the adult.Answering pranks of the child too quickly and obviously, we only encourage it to continue this house performance.You laugh or quarrel, the child perceives it as the actor it sees auditorium reaction, and representation proceeds.Not to react here the best way to withdraw from a scene of this small clown.If he does not cease to play pranks, you need to assume that it is not hungry, and to stop feeding.Do not wait that the kid will quietly sit at a table, as children of more advanced age.At the same time already at this early age for with a goal children study behavior on an example of others.


She does not want, that economic pressure stole at it pleasure of communication with the child.She wisely behaved at childbirth, having picked up the corresponding situation, keeps the child around after the delivery, nurses on request of the kid and carries James the most part of day the full program of style of rapprochement.The volume participates in everythin except, naturally, feedings by a breast.Communication amplifies.Having spent month with the son.Mary feels, as far as it became attached to it.The feeling of interrelation with the child lifts Tom and Mary's determination on qualitatively new level.

You feel

Submit a breakfast to a bed.Your wife, certainly, woke up at night, and you, probably, had possibility to have a sleep.Take a walk with the child that the wife could take a bath at this time.You feel the servant and the waiter You also should be them.Be sensitive.Many young mothers do not like to ask for help, maybe, do not want to seem bad hostesses and mothers.Fathers, be attentive to the wives.One mother admitted I should knock my husband on the head before he understood that I am absolutely exhausted.Protect the house from troublesome visitors.Though need stanoto curl hermits is not present, communicate with other people only when it is wanted by you.

More often

After birth of the first kid the accoucheur ties up the fruit and parent ends of an umbilical cord.Otherwise the second fruit can be lost from , as blood circulation at twins the general.Then there comes a pause in patrimonial activity from minutes till o'clock.During this time the uterus adapts to the reduced size and patrimonial activity renews.The second dense bubble is broken off and the second kid is born.More often the difference between the birth of twins makes minutes.Then there comes the III period of childbirth both placentas separate and are at the same time expelled from patrimonial ways.

There will

Because results of recent researches which it is enough , showed allegedly more cases of infection at men with an unextracted extreme flesh, this big and dear meeting of pediatrists revises now the decision.There will be new researches there will be new opinions, and I think that for for many years destiny of an extreme flesh remains unresolved.PREPARATION OF ALL NECESSARY FOR THE CHILD You for months greedy thumb through magazines for the parents, bewitched krasothat children's bedding with the applications representing animals, and carefully thought over combination of flowers.Now, when to your child week from a sort, you can be engaged in the device of its nest and its equipment.

Washed out; the onions

From onions it is possible to eliminate bitterness if to put for some minutes in cold water or the cut onions vinegar, and in some minutes liquid to merge.That the onions at an obzharivaniye gained golden color, did not burn slightly, it it is necessary in wheat flour.Washed out; the onions should be used at once in food as at storage the wet onions quickly spoil.Garlic and onions to salads it is necessary to cut directly ahead of giving to a table as their bactericidal substances quickly disappear.That quicker and easier to clear young potatoes, it at first should be lowered in boiled water, and then to douse cold water.

The child

In one research at all children of colic took place till months.What miracle happens between the rd and th months of life At this particular time at the child internal way of a dream is formed.There are fascinating changes in its development.The child starts everything to see accurate.It so is fond of a show that forgets about shout.He can play with the hands and suck fingers that too calms.The child can swing hands and feet and thus to defuse tensions.By months at children the stomach becomes stronger that, probably, relieves them of an allergy to milk.By this time either there is a reason, or the equipment of an uspokaivaniye is improved.

In the course

Faltering breath breath by doggie.a mouth, put out language, inhale and exhale it is noisy, as a doggie.The rhythm of breath should be speeded up do on one breath exhalation in a second.In the course of trainings try to breathe thus at first seconds, then , and later Faltering breath will be useful at the end of the I period of childbirth when the woman has a desire to make an effort, but to do it it is impossible until the head of the kid will not fall, and at the end of the II period when she already is born.Belly breath breath by a stomach.

However epiduralny

Action of a preparation lasts from two to six hours.Sometimes, at prolonged childbirth let's to the woman have a rest, apply a medical obstetric anesthesia.The twohour dream allows the woman to gain strength for continuationchildbirth.In a different way labor pain reliefs epiduralny anesthesia is.At it anesthetizing preparation through a thin needle enter into space about a spinal cord.Sensitivity is lost completely.However epiduralny anesthesia procedure unsafe also is capable to cause serious complications.Local anesthesia is applied to anesthesia after the delivery in need of survey of patrimonial ways and mending of gaps or cuts.

For the child

Ability to distinguish the signs submitted by the child when he wants to eat, timely introduction in a diet of firm food, training to skills of independent food all these components of an important principle of a food of children creation of the healthy relation to food.For the child feeding is connected not only with development of any abilities, it and a way of communication.Feeding irrespective of, whether is a food source a breast, a small bottle or a spoon, always assumes presence of the feeding person.

Mashed potatoes

Potatoes to boil and hot to wipe together with carrots through a sieve.Mashed potatoes to salt, add butter, hot boiled milk, to stir and shake up, that it became magnificent.ENTSIKLOPEAIYA OF A FOOD OF THE CHILDPotatoes carrots milk ml, butter g.MASHED POTATOES CARROTThe washedup and cleared carrots to chop, fill in with a small amount of boiled water, to add sugar and to extinguish under a cover on weak fire of minutes, stirring slowly and if necessary adding boiled water.d carrots become soft, to wipe it through a sieve, to pour in hot milk, to salt and boil more minutes.

If this cage

Another receives a superfluous chromosome and continues to live.If this cage in % of cases it is an ovum meets a spermatozoon or an ovum, the ovum formed as a result of fertilisation contains chromosomes.In case of a Down syndrome the superfluous chromosome carries number In genetics it call a trisomiya as the cage contains three chromosomes with number There are also other trisomiya which usually come to an end an abortion or death in infancy.Why the superfluous chromosome causes a Down syndrome, it is not known.This unequal division of a cage is called as a nedorasshchepleniye.It occurs casually, and in % of cases to them chromosomal violations speak at a Down syndrome.

Children with

Many experts in baby food argue that frequent feedings more are suitable for such business child gradually.Thus, children from to years quite deserved the nickname vorobyshka.By the end of the st year at kids psychomotor skills are improved, they well grasp and hold subjects big and index fingers; they use this new skill and when feeding.Children with pleasure take small slices of food from a plate and send them in a mouth.There is no mood there is no also an appetite Disorder feeding as is characteristic for normally razvivayushche the child of years, as well as sharp change of mood.

Young mother

Young mother after the completion of holiday on the care of the kid before achievement of age of one and a half years by it has the right to take socalled additional vacation withoutsalary preservations on the care of the child before achievement of year age by it.What is necessary for registration of a monthly birth grantThe monthly birth grant stands out in social security department if level of the income is lower than a living wage.For registration of this grant are necessary birth certificate of the child; statement.

Cottage cheese

PUDDING COTTAGE CHEESE WITH To the cottage cheese wiped through a sieve to add the wiped viscous boiled rice, sugar, butter, an egg yolk, to salt, mix, enter whipped whites and again carefully to mix.Weight m in the form greased with butter from above to grease with sour cream and to bake in an oven about minutes.A tax on a table with sour cream.Cottage cheese rice eggs pieces, sugar it is swept away butter.g.SOUFFLE THE COTTAGE CHEESE STEAMThe wiped cottage cheese to pound with a yolk and dairy sauce, carefully to enter whipped whites.Weight to shift in oiled i a form and to finish to readiness on pair.

The kid played

But unless the International Federation of Journalists but to resist temptation which you involuntarily created to it, having bought candies, having forgotten thus, what even bitter the fruit forbidden is sweet, and sweet is even more sweet a hundred times.And in it is possible to turn it is impossible not too difficult.The kid played you that itself left the house.There is no reason to be angry with it.Usual children's roses which will prompt to you that so the child wanted while the independence and a maturity is inper vy, secondly, that it is clever so that can already play you, having earthed divine omnipotence ditel.

Yes, in four

In four years.Yes, in four years our kid to is allpowerful that pink color eclipses the others.To Reba the nok moves on life on a white daring horse.And suddenly, suddenly, suddenly.any metamorphosis.The kid suddenly interrupts run and looks around without them pink glasses.And.as if begins to see clearly.He sees world around growth.and in this dullness of.And, as if made sober, it shaken by the own is not made by a stvo, runs unexpectedly into other extreme from shchy having become earthed and doubting even in trifles.

Her son, Tannar, started

After work on Manley's new affirmative tone went on family picnic to practise authoritativeness.Her son, Tannar, started to rush pine cones to it, and she could quietly and tell strictly to it that it stopped before the situation was heated by It it became much easier to supervise children after the basic rules of picnic were established, and it began to give accurate and strict instructions.Establish consequencesIf you asked your child to make something twice, and it all the same does not do it, it is necessary for you to establish consequences of such behavior which would show it that you are dissatisfied with absence of interaction from its party.

Or annoyance

However at % of young mothers limbers up but Overall picture and slerodovy depression If you observe some or all symptoms listed below, it is necessary for you to address for the professional help Feeling that you cannot will consult.or annoyance most part of time or all the time.Sense of guilt.Feeling of grief.Often cry.Feeling of nervousness and concern.the health and health of your child; frequent checks of its condition at the doctor.Panic attacks.Feeling of fatigue and lack of energy.

They fit at each

The strong pulsation of big arteries in this place testifies that with the court leaving heart, rather large.Now we pass to legs which are normally bent, and to which are turned inside, however if a forward half of a foot is turned inside much more back the socalled clubfoot, can, even in the lives of the kid first some weeks imposing of a plaster bandage for correction of this shortcoming is required.Fingers are especially amusing.They fit at each other, with pereponochka, hereditary features are guessed.Reflexes can be also checked, however during survey the doctor already received general idea about neurologic development of the child.


Besides, the safety problem is connected with walkers also.At children about one year most of all accidents arises at their use.Kids in walkers are capable to gather sufficient speed to fall to a ladder, to fly, for example, to the storeroom where there are various dangerous chemical cleaning substances.Remember that never it is impossible to leave the child in walkers without supervision.If your friends presented such gift to the kid, try, that this adaptation took a place among the colleagues an arena and a cradle somewhere behind a case somewhat quicker, let they there and wait the next sale.

Those problems

If you attentively read the book, it should undergo changes any points should disappear, any to be transformed, any, certainly, remained.Those problems which continue to give you the trouble, still any time will remain in the list until you do not solve also them.But the main thing that you due were to take from everything written, it is necessary for you to find a common language with the child, to try to make everythin to understand it, his aspiration to freedom, independence, independence.Learn to listen and hear the child, without restraining thus the interests.

Such wonderful

Mnozhestin tragedies arises, when at phone call the tutor disregards the child only for a minute.Such wonderful invention as wireless phone, will allow you to talk and at the same time to watch the child.CHECK, WHETHER THERE IS NO DANGER TO THE CHILD Fall on and, moving thus from a room in a room, look at things eyes of the kid to define, what subjects are in limits of his reach.If in a family there are children is more senior, let they accompany you is will teach them to watch safety of younger brothers and sisters.The security measures connected with drugs Whether you hold the firstaid kit of the locked Whether the vial with medicine which you use is well closed and hold near at hand Whether you keep drugs in a place inaccessible to the child Whether there is at your place an emetic Whether you get rid of drugs with the delayed date of the validity Whether scissors, shaving edges, pins and to that similar subjects are inaccessible to the child of medicine Security measures in a bathroom Whether you put on a bath bottom a rug not to slip Whether are available in cranes of bathing laying Whether there is a lining at a rug on the bathroom floor, interfering sliding Whether electric adaptations are removed from water Whether toilet accessories and cosmetics especially nail polish and liquid for varnish removal are inaccessible to the child Whether you closed hold a door in a bathroom That the child could not be locked in a bathroom, remove the internal door lock or rearrange it higher that the kid could not reach.

More often

And if your child so represents itself, it is simple an admiring itself or one of signs, suite of telstvuyushchiya as it is seriously anxious with the appearance.In quite often this way the artist brightens up own physical defect.And if so the person is drawn by the girl, Bad habits of good children.more often it simply imitates the mother who because of a coquetry constantly on her eyes tints lips, a nose, smoothes hair.Besides the head, big information to you can give and the drawn hands.When their length rushes at once in for, most likely, they belong to that from relatives is new families of the child which aggressively concerns him.

In our family

Well to be overcome with the father in the evenin it gives the energy sea, but only not before the dream.A heat bath, uspokavayushchy massage, quiet viewing of pictures in the book here the means checked by time preparing the kid for a dream.In our family the method best of all works carry, will not fall asleep yet.Before we will put, at half past eight the child should be stacked, and he does not want it.Put it in the scrappy holder and wear on the house or on a yard in warm weather, singing any slow melody.Add position influence a nest under a neck, and, you see, the child is simply obliged to fall asleep see a method to carry, to lull on page and a nest under a neck on page LATE BIRD Our yearold child does not want to be put to bed till o'clock veche .

It was necessary

Thus, the vicious circle was not broken off.That it was necessary to make to these familiesEach of these families could change problem behavior, giving to the children more positive attention.It was necessary for Sara and Brian to treat more quietly Matthew, to establish accurate consequences in the relation Positive look and behavior which did not suit them and to praise it for all acts which they would like to see a chat.It was necessary for Vicki to cease to pay attention to the behavior which by eft it was not pleasant, and not to be irritated about it, to cease to give in so easily on provocation.

In it as if excluding

Liu fight the kid has the motive, the special, fine melody from which it rises and fills up.In any child own hand bells in soul.Turn again book pages look, what can be the child.In it as if excluding properties mixed up together each other aggression side by side with kindness, sociability and an autichnost, a hyperactivity and a sluggishness, compliance with obstinacy.That he even a small small insect, is not afraid absolutely that.That he is any intellectual glutton, I do not wish shchiya even to dream the idler.

Using the diapers

If you compare cost of the bought diapers to expenses on washin will consider time, energy, eksperimentirovaniye cost with detergents, bleaches, softeners etc., it will appear that the service of hire of justifies.Using the diapers hired, is very practical.The reason on which many parents choose disposable diapers, usually is in ignorance that the service of hire is so convenient.From dirty diapers delete firm slices shake them in a toilet bowl, then diapers do not presoak, and simply throw into a special bucket with a cover, supplied with very effective deodorant, and the service of hire does the rest.

As researcher

Sam, father of the ten years' boy Some types of behavior we can not consider aggressive, as, for example, the solution of problems of programming.Aggression can indirectly be shown through such means, as the computer, different types designers, the car or a skateboard.As researcher Camilla Benbau notices Let's look, as male human beings address with things from rattles to space.I do not know, where I go, but I go the road! Stimi sitting in the car, rushing from the mountain without management If we imagine biological force of testosterone in the form of an arrow, and then we will observe behavior of men, we will see that in the basis very much their many acts the impulse directly and forward lies.

Such stocky, square

Growth and weight of thickset children mezomorfny correspond to averages while to zatel on charts of development of the child.Such stocky, square children are more inclined to completeness, than the rectangular ektomorfny.And, at last, endomorfny type of addition such children low and shirocues.They more all the others are inclined to excess weight fatness.Grushepodobnoye addition helps them to cope with excess weight easier.Very often the same child can have signs at once bore kolky types of a constitution.

Language becomes

Playing with the kid verbal games, you pay attention that sometimes he becomes silent as if reflects.Language becomes more increasing conscious skill the child begins du mother that you speak and as it to answer.Games with new words and gestures Such games very much are pleasant to kids, and to you they will help to learn as many words and gestures your child understands now.To wave with the handle.If at the previous stage of development the child could simulate only your gesture when you waved a hand to somebody followin now he acts as the initiator, connecting words gestures goodbye with leaving someone or with approach to a door.

On an empty

To tea instead of candies take some berries of a fig or dried apricots.this fruit is stronger, than prunes.For the night drink V, a glass of svezheotzhaty beet juice.Except ease you receive vitamins and a full set of necessary mineral substances and microcells.On an empty stomach it is useful to drink a glass of fresh juice from orange, grapes, apples or grapefruit.to intestines oporozhneniye sourmilk bioproducts, especially bificurdled milk, and also live bioyoghurts and usual kefir.These products will put things in order in system of office of bile, will increase efficiency of absorption and assimilation of useful elements of food, will warn dysbacteriosis.

Absence of the stron

As Robert Bligh considers, men feel hungry today paternity.Absence of the stron hardy, reliable father prepares a scene for myth repetition about Oedipus.But after all it is possible to hope that roles of the father and the son will be copied.New fathers in commonwealth with women and other men start to create the new play.Fathers and sons reconciliation the male client about whom there was a speech above and which dream assumes a classical Oedipus complex, told this dream to many friends, teachers and psychotherapists because the dream pursued it for many years.

The lonely; to nobody

Drawing of the girl of years of Saule R.My family.Education type change of models of education.Idol whom rejected because of the birth in a family of other children.And though main in drawing it is the House, its Center, the child, as if Carlson, somewhere there on a house roof or behind it.And in the house the former idol simply does not have a place.Drawing of the girl years of Lera E.My family.Education type neglect.The lonely; to nobody necessary, outcast child.And even the fragile figure of the girl reminds the letter I.

Thus children

In a condition of quiet concentration all physiological systems of the kid work.Thus children have an opportunity to cooperate with a surrounding situation and quicker master the world to which they came.Continuous communication with parents gives good food for mind The brain grows in infancy much quicker, than the next years.By the end of the first year of life its volume doubles and reaches about % from the adult volume.As the brain grows, nervous cages neurons quickly breed.After the birth of the child his nervous system continues to be improved; within the first year of life neurons learn to work better.

In spite

In many soya mixes the corn syrup is used, which itself is allergen.Though at intestines babies have the enzyme lactose processing lactose, sometimes it temporarily happens insufficiently, enteric infection as a result develops.In spite of the fact that temporary use of a soya mix is recommended for reduction of the developed diarrhea, the Committee on a food at the American academy of pediatrics does not recommend to use mixes not containing lactose a long time as means against a diarrhea.The majority of soya mixes are characterized by the high contents with pour, and biological value of additives of iron and zinc in them can be less, than in other mixes.

We give

But we decided not to escape from these problems, and to learn to clear from pestitsi products with which are compelled to feed the children.We give the following information to you not for intimidation and that parents realized gravity of a problem and took all possible measures for the solution of questions which mention health both our children, and our future grandsons.Pesticides and children To poison food which ourselves eat, with pesticides it is bad for all, but it is especially dangerous to a developing organism of children.Food of children and adults variously.Children receive is polluted more ache food pesticides on a body unit of weight, than adults.

To remember, as the word

To teach him to communication with contemporaries, giving an attention maximum at receipt in kindergarten.At pugnacity of the child the main thing not to explain, and blow.To remember, as the word can wound the kid.To understand the child! Bad habits of good children.AS IT IS NOT NECESSARY to behave to parents with the aggressive childConstantly to it that it bad.Remember that from a ritsatelny assessment of adults forms negative itself an assessment at the kid and complicates his communication with the outside world.Nonflexible educational actions to drive the benka into a corner, hardening it.


We were inexperienced parents and decided that came to take away time it from a breast.Eventually to it there were months, he ate firm food, well drank from a cup, and at that time almost all children disaccustomed to a breast to this age.We did not do attempts again to nurse it.Now we know that meant its refusal of a sosaniye.Here that it is necessary to do with the striker.First of all, consider happened as temporary loss of interest to feeding instead of as a sign that it is necessary to cease to nurse the child.Try to eliminate the reason which has caused refusal of a breast, and a hall I eat again involve the kid in a breast.

The main

With you it should be not less interesting to it, than with the company.The main thing in any situation to keep the confidential relations with the child.Type phrases I will see you with it once again I will kill!, That his foot here was not, I do not know that I with you then will make will not bring you dividends and will bring only to that the child will start to lie, dodge and disappear to you.If he all the time is at home Who does not love loneliness that does not love freedom, it is possible for only alone to be free..SchopenhauerMothers of children at whom the child vanishes on the street, envy those parents, whose children are at home and are engaged in the affairs read, play, sit in front of the computer, watch TV.

There was a new series

r porridges are issued in the form of flakes, are convenient in preparation it is enough to mix only flakes with provided amount of milk or water and porridge is ready.There was a new series of the soluble children's porridges intended for children from fourmonths age under the name Pantagryuel, developed by factory Sinerzhi Fud, Renault of N of Century USA.Among porridges of this series especially it would be desirable to pay attention on buckwheat, rice and cream of wheat with chocolate.Besides, all these and many other firms presented in our market, offer the wide range of a food for kids mashed potatoes on a vegetable, fruit, meat, fish basis, the juice, special croutons and cookies which it is possible to start to give to children in quality from month's age.


We wanted, that parents for themselves defined, that they want.After that we offered them on a choice of strategy which they could use to achieve it.So the moment now suitable you to think over that.you would like to establish what restrictions concerning behavior of your child It is time to create some borders.RestrictionsWhen we got acquainted with fouryear Nikola Ge # } , her behavior was absolutely uncontrollable..shouted and fought to force the to continue to nurse .Christina We establish restrictions started to think that to her child will help nothing.But all business was that did not give to Nikola a clear idea of borders of the legal.

And a profession

To put it briefly, not only you bring up all the time of the child, but also the kid in reply brings up you.You as though get used to each other and level sharp Bad habits of good children.corners.There is the process of mutual adaptation concealing in different surprises.Therefore usually firstborns involuntarily victims of experiment, experiment aching parents.And a profession parent mother with the father did not receive after the termination parental university.They master it, without , raving in darkness, stumbling under way.And, unfortunately, all cones from parental incompetence usually get to the first child and if it besides is still uniform stvenny, these cones sometimes pursue his all life.


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  • To take a foreign matter from a nose of the child, try to do the following If you see this subject, try to take out it with the help a pin with blunt ends.Before starting this procedure, you should arrive the same as at survey to swaddle the kid or to someone to hold his hands.If the foreign matter is more deeply, clamp a free nostril and ask the child at the closed mouth, there can be it and at a sneezing.If the subject is dissolved in water for example, a piece of candy, take away those the child to a shower and try to send a water stream.
  • But it is possible to weaken its manifestation.Change the wet or soiled diapers immediately.Children, finding on chest feedin usually have a chair right after feedin but they often strong sleep, and it is possible to replace diapers, without having woken them, especially at night.When the child ceases to defecate during night feedin you will not need to change any more diapers at night; start to use diapers at the same time for a pelenaniye for the night that the child remained dry.Change diapers more often.Researches showed that babies are more rare stragive from oprelost if to them change diapers at least times a day.Try diapers from a different material.
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