We give

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We giveBut we decided not to escape from these problems, and to learn to clear from pestitsi products with which are compelled to feed the children.

We give the following information to you not for intimidation and that parents realized gravity of a problem and took all possible measures for the solution of questions which mention health both our children, and our future grandsons.

Pesticides and children To poison food which ourselves eat, with pesticides it is bad for all, but it is especially dangerous to a developing organism of children.

Food of children and adults variously.

Children receive is polluted more ache food pesticides on a body unit of weight, than adults.

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To remember, as the word

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To remember, as the wordTo teach him to communication with contemporaries, giving an attention maximum at receipt in kindergarten.

At pugnacity of the child the main thing not to explain, and blow.

To remember, as the word can wound the kid.

To understand the child! Bad habits of good children.

AS IT IS NOT NECESSARY to behave to parents with the aggressive childConstantly to it that it bad.

Remember that from a ritsatelny assessment of adults forms negative itself an assessment at the kid and complicates his communication with the outside world.

Nonflexible educational actions to drive the benka into a corner, hardening it.

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Eventually We were inexperienced parents and decided that came to take away time it from a breast.

Eventually to it there were months, he ate firm food, well drank from a cup, and at that time almost all children disaccustomed to a breast to this age.

We did not do attempts again to nurse it.

Now we know that meant its refusal of a sosaniye.

Here that it is necessary to do with the striker.

First of all, consider happened as temporary loss of interest to feeding instead of as a sign that it is necessary to cease to nurse the child.

Try to eliminate the reason which has caused refusal of a breast, and a hall I eat again involve the kid in a breast.

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The main

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The main With you it should be not less interesting to it, than with the company.

The main thing in any situation to keep the confidential relations with the child.

Type phrases I will see you with it once again I will kill!, That his foot here was not, I do not know that I with you then will make will not bring you dividends and will bring only to that the child will start to lie, dodge and disappear to you.

If he all the time is at home Who does not love loneliness that does not love freedom, it is possible for only alone to be free.


SchopenhauerMothers of children at whom the child vanishes on the street, envy those parents, whose children are at home and are engaged in the affairs read, play, sit in front of the computer, watch TV.

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There was a new series

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There was a new series r porridges are issued in the form of flakes, are convenient in preparation it is enough to mix only flakes with provided amount of milk or water and porridge is ready.

There was a new series of the soluble children's porridges intended for children from fourmonths age under the name Pantagryuel, developed by factory Sinerzhi Fud, Renault of N of Century USA.

Among porridges of this series especially it would be desirable to pay attention on buckwheat, rice and cream of wheat with chocolate.

Besides, all these and many other firms presented in our market, offer the wide range of a food for kids mashed potatoes on a vegetable, fruit, meat, fish basis, the juice, special croutons and cookies which it is possible to start to give to children in quality from month's age.

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RestrictionsWhen We wanted, that parents for themselves defined, that they want.

After that we offered them on a choice of strategy which they could use to achieve it.

So the moment now suitable you to think over that.

you would like to establish what restrictions concerning behavior of your child It is time to create some borders.

RestrictionsWhen we got acquainted with fouryear Nikola Ge # } , her behavior was absolutely uncontrollable.


shouted and fought to force the to continue to nurse .

Christina We establish restrictions started to think that to her child will help nothing.

But all business was that did not give to Nikola a clear idea of borders of the legal.

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