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ENTSIKLOPEAIYAFOODIn order that it is correct to feed the child, it is necessary accurately R to itself r changes in quickly growing children's organism.

ENTSIKLOPEAIYAFOOD OF THE CHILDAs by a year usually there is teeth from above and from below, children already can chew a little, though quickly are tired from such r occupations; it is necessary to encourage chewin giving the corresponding food.

Therefore after a year the food should not be wiped through a small sieve or to crush a mixer.

It is enough to pound vegetables a fork, meat or fish once to pass through a meat grinder.

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Vicki strengthened

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Vicki strengthened The more it [ Oliver, the more it provoked .

In Vicki's one situation within half an hour constantly spoke to Oliver that it did not touch the socket, but it continued ! them.

This exhausting situation showed, as far as Oliver got used to receive attention from the mother in the form of irritation Than more Vicki was irritated, than less at it remained to time for fun, and the probability of was that Iyenyiye that Oliver could receive positive attention from its party.

Vicki strengthened Manifestation of bad behavior and was its reason.

Small angels whether.

I feel myself helplessly and whether I when I am with the child am nervous whether.

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It is transferred

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It is transferred Inoculations before a trip abroad Inoculations which are recommended to do before foreign travel more often from cholera, yellow fever, typhus, and also Aglobulin introduction from hepatitis and means for malaria prevention is possible.

As this list often changes, for obtaining more exact information you should address in a local public health department.

Vaccine against hepatitis B Hepatitis B is the virus infection causing violations in a liver.

It is transferred generally through the infected blood or at sexual contact and not transferred through air or I peep.

In the absence of the corresponding immunization children born by mothersnositelnitsami of this virus, are subject to risk of development of a chronic form of a disease in % of cases and premature death from a cancer or cirrhosis in %.

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At threat

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At threat They also will help to prevent emergence of striya.

their emergence is possible by means of the massage improving blood circulation of skin.

The technique of this massage is not difficult it is necessary to stroke a stomach roundabouts, to pinch from time to time skin on the stomach periphery.

At threat of interruption of pregnancy it is not necessary to carry out such massage, as it can provoke increase of a tone of a uterus.

What to do, if on a stomach there was an easy downOn signs, it appears, when the woman waits for the boy.

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Step by step

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Step by step It is not necessary to be given quickly if your kid does not want to take a spoon in hands or to put on panties.

Step by step he will learn all volume that and you once were not able to do.

Safety first of all The cat who once has sat down on a hot oven, already never will sit down on a hot oven and will well make, but already never will sit down and on the cold.


Twain If so it turned out that you are compelled to leave the child of the house of one or the child one walks on the street, it is important to teach him to rules which will not allow it to get to trouble.

To many children for certain dinned into the ears that anywhere it is impossible to leave without permission moreover with strangers.

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We should light

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We should light Besides it in the crisis heat a trekhletok.

And day and night goes on I! I! And it means that.

Bad habits of good children.

that he realizes itselfhimself already as the personality.

Yesterday's and suddenly.


And you become will reduce Lem of how the anonymous star will inflame until recently.

Yes, yes, we are all terrestrial stars.

We should light up to burn down.

But before burning down, all of us sparkle, sparkle all the conscious life.

Poeto in three years your child a scintillating Bengalese spark.

So mean these sparks What the new your kid is able To that can he already learn What it in from three to four Same, as before, or concealing in itself grandiose possibilities, a cat the ry hides as secrets and quite wise small lukavets guarded day and night hidesSo, what it actually What can, what is able, at lastFirst of all it aged when already possibly you to predict its character with all virtues and is time to Kama when he learns to estimate the acts from a position of the good and evil and to compare itselfhimself to others when it well acquired as it is necessary to behave correctly, and at the same time it does not prevent it to use cunning and even to be doublefaced.

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