You laugh

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You laugh Soon the kid realizes that it is capable to cause reaction what wants in the adult.

Answering pranks of the child too quickly and obviously, we only encourage it to continue this house performance.

You laugh or quarrel, the child perceives it as the actor it sees auditorium reaction, and representation proceeds.

Not to react here the best way to withdraw from a scene of this small clown.

If he does not cease to play pranks, you need to assume that it is not hungry, and to stop feeding.

Do not wait that the kid will quietly sit at a table, as children of more advanced age.

At the same time already at this early age for with a goal children study behavior on an example of others.

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Communication She does not want, that economic pressure stole at it pleasure of communication with the child.

She wisely behaved at childbirth, having picked up the corresponding situation, keeps the child around after the delivery, nurses on request of the kid and carries James the most part of day the full program of style of rapprochement.

The volume participates in everythin except, naturally, feedings by a breast.

Communication amplifies.

Having spent month with the son.

Mary feels, as far as it became attached to it.

The feeling of interrelation with the child lifts Tom and Mary's determination on qualitatively new level.

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You feel

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You feel Submit a breakfast to a bed.

Your wife, certainly, woke up at night, and you, probably, had possibility to have a sleep.

Take a walk with the child that the wife could take a bath at this time.

You feel the servant and the waiter You also should be them.

Be sensitive.

Many young mothers do not like to ask for help, maybe, do not want to seem bad hostesses and mothers.

Fathers, be attentive to the wives.

One mother admitted I should knock my husband on the head before he understood that I am absolutely exhausted.

Protect the house from troublesome visitors.

Though need stanoto curl hermits is not present, communicate with other people only when it is wanted by you.

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More often

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More often After birth of the first kid the accoucheur ties up the fruit and parent ends of an umbilical cord.

Otherwise the second fruit can be lost from , as blood circulation at twins the general.

Then there comes a pause in patrimonial activity from minutes till o'clock.

During this time the uterus adapts to the reduced size and patrimonial activity renews.

The second dense bubble is broken off and the second kid is born.

More often the difference between the birth of twins makes minutes.

Then there comes the III period of childbirth both placentas separate and are at the same time expelled from patrimonial ways.

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There will

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There will Because results of recent researches which it is enough , showed allegedly more cases of infection at men with an unextracted extreme flesh, this big and dear meeting of pediatrists revises now the decision.

There will be new researches there will be new opinions, and I think that for for many years destiny of an extreme flesh remains unresolved.

PREPARATION OF ALL NECESSARY FOR THE CHILD You for months greedy thumb through magazines for the parents, bewitched krasothat children's bedding with the applications representing animals, and carefully thought over combination of flowers.

Now, when to your child week from a sort, you can be engaged in the device of its nest and its equipment.

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Washed out; the onions

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Washed out; the onions From onions it is possible to eliminate bitterness if to put for some minutes in cold water or the cut onions vinegar, and in some minutes liquid to merge.

That the onions at an obzharivaniye gained golden color, did not burn slightly, it it is necessary in wheat flour.

Washed out; the onions should be used at once in food as at storage the wet onions quickly spoil.

Garlic and onions to salads it is necessary to cut directly ahead of giving to a table as their bactericidal substances quickly disappear.

That quicker and easier to clear young potatoes, it at first should be lowered in boiled water, and then to douse cold water.

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