In our family

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In our family Well to be overcome with the father in the evenin it gives the energy sea, but only not before the dream.

A heat bath, uspokavayushchy massage, quiet viewing of pictures in the book here the means checked by time preparing the kid for a dream.

In our family the method best of all works carry, will not fall asleep yet.

Before we will put, at half past eight the child should be stacked, and he does not want it.

Put it in the scrappy holder and wear on the house or on a yard in warm weather, singing any slow melody.

Add position influence a nest under a neck, and, you see, the child is simply obliged to fall asleep see a method to carry, to lull on page and a nest under a neck on page LATE BIRD Our yearold child does not want to be put to bed till o'clock veche .

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It was necessary

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It was necessary Thus, the vicious circle was not broken off.

That it was necessary to make to these familiesEach of these families could change problem behavior, giving to the children more positive attention.

It was necessary for Sara and Brian to treat more quietly Matthew, to establish accurate consequences in the relation Positive look and behavior which did not suit them and to praise it for all acts which they would like to see a chat.

It was necessary for Vicki to cease to pay attention to the behavior which by eft it was not pleasant, and not to be irritated about it, to cease to give in so easily on provocation.

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In it as if excluding

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In it as if excluding Liu fight the kid has the motive, the special, fine melody from which it rises and fills up.

In any child own hand bells in soul.

Turn again book pages look, what can be the child.

In it as if excluding properties mixed up together each other aggression side by side with kindness, sociability and an autichnost, a hyperactivity and a sluggishness, compliance with obstinacy.

That he even a small small insect, is not afraid absolutely that.

That he is any intellectual glutton, I do not wish shchiya even to dream the idler.

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Using the diapers

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Using the diapers If you compare cost of the bought diapers to expenses on washin will consider time, energy, eksperimentirovaniye cost with detergents, bleaches, softeners etc.

, it will appear that the service of hire of justifies.

Using the diapers hired, is very practical.

The reason on which many parents choose disposable diapers, usually is in ignorance that the service of hire is so convenient.

From dirty diapers delete firm slices shake them in a toilet bowl, then diapers do not presoak, and simply throw into a special bucket with a cover, supplied with very effective deodorant, and the service of hire does the rest.

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As researcher

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As researcherSam, father of the ten years' boy Some types of behavior we can not consider aggressive, as, for example, the solution of problems of programming.

Aggression can indirectly be shown through such means, as the computer, different types designers, the car or a skateboard.

As researcher Camilla Benbau notices Let's look, as male human beings address with things from rattles to space.

I do not know, where I go, but I go the road! Stimi sitting in the car, rushing from the mountain without management If we imagine biological force of testosterone in the form of an arrow, and then we will observe behavior of men, we will see that in the basis very much their many acts the impulse directly and forward lies.

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Such stocky, square

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Such stocky, square Growth and weight of thickset children mezomorfny correspond to averages while to zatel on charts of development of the child.

Such stocky, square children are more inclined to completeness, than the rectangular ektomorfny.

And, at last, endomorfny type of addition such children low and shirocues.

They more all the others are inclined to excess weight fatness.

Grushepodobnoye addition helps them to cope with excess weight easier.

Very often the same child can have signs at once bore kolky types of a constitution.

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